Philosophica is an international academic journal published by the Department of Philosophy and Moral Science of Ghent University. We publish two issues per year.

One issue is on an important topic in a subdiscipline of philosophy (epistemology, philosophy of science, ethics, aesthetics, political philosophy, philosophical anthropology, …) or on an important theme in the history of philosophy. The guest editor is a staff member or post-doctoral researcher of Ghent University.

Philosophica also functions as graduate journal of the interuniversity Research Master of Philosophy (Antwerp – Brussels – Ghent). We publish one issue per year with contributions by recent graduates of this programme.

All articles submitted Philosophica are anonymously reviewed by two experts. The editorial board is composed of philosophy staff members of the universities of Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent.

Editor-in-chief: Erik Weber (Ghent)

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  1. Philosophica 93 (2022)
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    Philosophica 93 (2022)

    Erik Weber (éd.)

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