Exploring Thorikos

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Thorikos occupies the coastal northeast of the Lavrion area of Attica, Greece. The ancient town comprised the double-peaked Velatouri hill, which has seen human activity since the Final Neolithic period and been the focus of archaeological research for more than 50 years. This timely publication serves as a guide to ancient Thorikos, a presentation of ongoing work and a preview of new undertakings. Growing out of a Belgian initiative in the 1960s, the Thorikos Project is today an international program with a wide range of contexts and assemblages under study. Here, members of the international team present themes of current interest and aspects of recent work in a multi-authored collection of texts intended for the general public as well as for specialists.

Détails du produit
Détails du produit
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Nombre de pages72 p.
OrganisationDepartment of Archaeology, Ghent University