No Kiss, No Hug, No Farewell

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Seldom does anyone tell what it feels like to really grieve. This is hardly surprising. Those who have not experienced it themselves feel no need to talk about such a dark subject. While those who have experienced it prefer to talk about something else. This subject is too difficult, too ugly, too intimate.
We tell each other that nobody is waiting for a story about grief and loss. We tell ourselves that mutual silence is best for everyone.
Ketlur breaks that dreadful silence wide open.
In this book, the author looks straight into the abyss. That abyss, as horrifying as it was mesmerising, was his beloved wife M. This honest, detailed account of the loss of his M
is moving and instructive, captivating and insightful, gripping and universal. It is also disconcertingly personal. And of a rare rawness.
No Kiss, No Hug, No Farewell. A decade of grief observed goes far beyond being just an autobiographical story. It serves as a script for us to follow, a study book, a source research and includes a collection of poetry.

Détails du produit
Détails du produit
Sous-titreA decade of grief observed
Format148 x 210 mm
Nombre de pages198 p.
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Ketlur won’t be deluded.
Ketlur won’t delude you either.
He just puts it out there like it really is.
Like he really is:
They don’t make them like that anymore.