Carthage Studies 4

82 p.
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OndertitelThe Pottery Repertoire from Late 6th-Mid 2nd Century BC Carthage. Observations based on the Bir Messaouda excavations
NUR682, 683
Formaat160 x 240 mm
Volume82 p.
OrganisatieDepartment of Archaeology, Ghent University
Over de auteur

Babette Bechtold, currently post-doctoral researcher at the Institut für Klassische Archäologie of the University of Vienna, is specialised in studies of material culture of the south-central Mediterranean. She has been involved in many excavation projects at Carthage, Malta and in western Sicily. Since several years she works on provenance studies of transport amphorae from the Archaic to the Hellenistic period and is co-author of the open-access data-base of FACEM. In particular and most recently, she has focused on Punic amphorae production in western Sicily and distribution patterns of Punic and western Greek amphorae series in Carthage’s sphere of influence.