Carthage Studies 6

202 p.
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OndertitelVestiges d’un habitat de l’époque punique moyenne à Bir Massouda (Carthage). Bilan des fouilles dans le sondage 7 et analyse de la céramique
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Formaat160 x 240 mm
Volume202 p.
OrganisatieDepartment of Archaeology, Ghent University
Over de auteur

Boutheina Maraoui Telmini studied at the Universities of Tunis and Paris I (Sorbonne), and received her doctorate from the University of Aix-en-Provence in 1996. Since then she has taught ancient history and Punic archaeology at Sfax, and then in Tunis. She specializes in Punic ceramics. She has excavated at a number of sites in Tunisia, notably Carthage, Utica and Althiburos, and participated in fieldwork on Malta.

Karin Mansel studied Pre- and Protohistory, Provincial Roman Archeology, Classical Archeology, Art History and Ancient History in Munich, Kiel and Bonn. She has worked at the German Archaeological Institute of Madrid, the Free University of Berlin, and since 2007 at the Archaeological State Collection Munich. Her research focuses on Iron age in the Western Mediterranean (Southern France, Iberian Peninsula, Carthage), transcultural studies (autochthonous, Greek, Etruscan, Phoenician-Punic, Late-Republican), and material culture (ceramics, metal objects).