Breathe to be free – It's a kind of magic (e-book)

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Breathe to be free – It’s a kind of magic! is an inspiring life story that will not only show you the way to freedom, but also to authentic joy of life and success through the power of ‘conscious connected breathing’. A familiar story about the use of antidepressants and sleeping pills, of feeling down in the dumps, divorce, being a parent and raising children. Themes such as sexuality, finding your life’s mission, relationships, deceit and infidelity, coping with death, fears, processing trauma, growing old healthy, disease, setbacks, so-called coincidence and the mysticism of life are addressed.

How do you hold yourself together in this turbulent society where disease, burn-out, depression, negativity and peer pressure form serious challenges? Just imagine breathing yourself to freedom in all areas of life. It is possible! Rediscover your joy of life by returning to the essence of life: breath.

In this book, Geert explains how ‘conscious connected breathing’ contributes to your quality of life mentally as well as emotionally, spiritually and physically.

OndertitelThe power of conscious connected breathwork
Volume226 p.
OrganisatieJoy of Life Breathwork – Breath Unlimited
Over de auteur

Geert De Vleminck gives lectures, ‘Breathe to be free’ workshops, breathing circles, training, and seminars in which conscious connected breathing plays the central role. He facilitates individual breathing sessions as well as group sessions.

Geert is also Chair of the Executive Team of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF) and has been involved from the very beginning in the development of the oxygen and breathing chair, the O2CHAIR.