SKRIBIS academic welcomes Carthage Studies

SKRIBIS academic welcomes 'Carthage Studies'

Nevelland Graphics has been printing Carthage Studies for the last two years, but from now on the academic journal will be available on the SKRIBIS-webshop as well.

Carthage Studies is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes research on ancient Carthage (present-day Tunisia), from the Phoenician period to the Middle Ages (archaeological, historical, linguistic, epigraphic, numismatic, etc.). The journal's scope includes general research questions, sites, and classes of material in which Carthage plays an important role. Over the years Carthage Studies has developed a particular focus on pottery studies and on amphora studies related to Carthage in particular.

Carthage Studies has appeared annually since 2007 with both multi-article volumes and more monographic ones. Standing orders are dealt with by the journal's editor Roald F. Docter at the Department of Archaeology of Ghent University, Belgium (, backorders are handled by SKRIBIS.