Ballets Suédois

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In their short time of existence the Ballets Suédois tried to involve all the new trends of their time. The experiments with and the combination of different genres was typical for that period. The need for innovation made artists explore new ideas. They discovered a range of new possibilities. Borders were often crossed and artists explored each other’s territory looking for new impulses. The Ballets Suédois participated very actively in all this. Let their existence be of rather short duration, their story draws an interesting picture of an exciting chapter in our history.

Formaat160 x 240 mm
Volume122 p.
Over de auteur

Artesis Plantijn University of Applied Sciences and Arts. After studies in Civil Engineering and Dance Pedagogics, she started a career as dancer (later soloist) in Compagnie Aimé de Lignière. From the start she combined this with activities as teacher and as balletmaster and in 1997 she became co-ordinator of the Higher Institute for Dance. Meanwhile she obtained the degrees of Bachelor in Dance and Master in Theatre Sciences.